Aleshea HarrisAleshea Harris is a poet, singer-songwriter and actress who has been performing and writing poetry since she was a child. She considers her uncommon style of vocal expression one of the healthiest, cheapest ways to get something off one’s chest. Her work fearlessly explores many different subjects: prejudice, depression, love, hope….whatever strikes her.

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A love of creating drove her to study visual art at a two-year college in Small-town, MS. Following the receipt of her A.A., she attended the University of Southern Mississippi where she switched to studying theatre and got a B.A. While studying theatre, Aleshea continued to sing and enjoyed a tour of Spain with a gospel choir in the winter of 2003.

Since relocating to Tampa Bay in 2004, Aleshea has had the pleasure of performing as either a poet, actress or vocalist at a number of different venues both in her hometown and beyond including: Resurrection Open Mic at the Lobby, The Studio@620, American Stage Theatre, World Grotto (Knoxville) and Lyrical Aspirations. She’s shared her unique voice and outlook at numerous poetry events, has been a special guest at the Studio@620’s yearly anniversary party, and competed in the Southern Fried Poetry Slam in 2008.

She also independently released Back Roads, an EP featuring songs she produced, wrote and performed. Aleshea is looking forward to releasing another recording of her poetry in the near future